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For this assignment, you will submit an outline. Make certain that you plan ahead, considering the structural needs for your overall paper when you develop your headings and sub-headings.

Use OWL's, "Four Main Components for Effective Outlines," in the Resources, to help develop your outline using APA formatting.

Your 2-3 page outline should include headings and sub-headings for each content area below (no paragraphs or complete sentences).

  • Include your problem statement and lay out the background behind the problem. Also include literature review topics describing the theories underlying your proposed policy development. Be sure to provide the theoretical and practical support for your proposed policy.
  • Summarize your proposed health policy.
    • Select one of these perspectives: economic, sociological, political, or methodological models. Include sub-headings related to one of these perspectives.
    • Include sub-headings related to how the social-political context is intertwined in the development and implementation of your proposed health policy.
    • Include sub-headings for your proposed policy using comparative decision-making techniques for health care issues, strategies, and programs.
    • Include sub-headings related to possible ethical dilemmas that may arise during policy development and implementation.
    • Include sub-headings to demonstrate your policy's proposed benefits.
  • Conclude with sub-headings describing the points of a high-level persuasive argument on why your proposed policy should be accepted including the proposal's strengths and limitations.
  • References required.

Reference no: EM131039928

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