Foundations and implications of a differentiated classroom

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Foundations and Implications of a Differentiated Classroom

One of the key principals of differentiation is information dissemination to stakeholders including students, parents, colleagues, and others involved in the education community.

In preparing for the first day of a new school year, you decide to create either informational literature (like a brochure or double-sided flyer) or a classroom website explaining the foundations of Differentiated Instruction and its implication in your classroom.

Whether you choose to create a brochure, flyer, or classroom website, the information must be specific to your current or fictional classroom (e.g., school, grade level, academic content, student population).

In this assignment you must:

Define differentiation in your own words including the justification for differentiating in the classroom environment.

Describe how you will create a positive learning environment that is also safe and secure.

Describe how you will meet the social and emotional needs of your students including ways to eliminate student fear of failure.

Discuss your expectations of student work and assignments.

Describe how you will provide students opportunities to succeed.

Discuss how you will assess student work.

Select at least three resources (your text may be used as one source) for education stakeholders on differentiation (e.g.,, books, articles, websites, etc.). These will be different from the sources you use to support your assignment (see below).
Be creative! Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary links or text in a document. Use your course text and two scholarly articles in the Ashford University Library or Google Scholar to support your research. Although a typical brochure or flyer is two pages (front and back) there is not a page or length requirement for this assignment, as that will limit your creativity; however, each rubric-based requirement must be fully and thoroughly addressed. If you plan to create a classroom website, you must provide access to the website to your instructor. Be sure to provide proper APA citations at the end of your assignment for the sources that you use (e.g., at the bottom of the brochure or website).

Feel free to use these websites as a starting point for creating a brochure or flyer:

Free Newsletter Templates on Google Docs - these are free newsletter templates for public use on Google Docs
How to make a business pamphlet.

Office templates - Office provides users free templates using excel, Word, Publisher,

Top 10 free online blogging platforms - Free blogging platforms

Below you will find an example of a pamphlet on differentiating for a school district. While this pamphlet is much briefer than the details required in this assignment, it will provide you with an example.

Differentiated Instruction Brochure

Feel free to use these websites as a starting point for creating a classroom website:

Weebly- allows educators to create free class websites

SchoolRack- free website and educational blog forum

WordPress- software to create free website or blog

Online Tutorials:

Beginners Guide to Weebly

SchoolRack - Getting Started

Getting Started with WordPress

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Reference no: EM13795608

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