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Writing Task 8

For this assignment, you will write a formal business report in which you present a problem and provide a solution to the problem. You will conduct extensive research, cite/reference both primary and secondary sources within your report, and follow proper formatting with all components of the report: title page, letter/memo of transmittal, table of contents, executive summary, formal report with a visual aid component (graph, chart, etc.), and a sources page (either References in APA style or a Works Cited in MLA style. In total, this report will be at least 10-12 pages in length (body=4-5 single space pages with visual or 6-8 double-space pages with visual).
Additionally, you will present your formal business report to the class in an oral report with a visual aid.


1. Read Chapter 10: "Proposals and Formal Reports" in Essentials of Business Communication. In particular, use 305.314 as a model for your formal business report.

2. Some general guidelines to consider when writing a problem/solution report include: describing a problem and discussing potential solutions, looking at multiple perspectives, discussing advantages/disadvantages of potential solutions, proposing a best overall solution to the problem, concluding with a call to action, and creating a sense of urgency to get the reader involved/interested in solving the problem.

3. Determine your topic. Find something in which you are truly interested and that will lend itself to the task at hand described above.

4. Find primary and secondary sources to provide background and to enhance your arguments. Remember to include primary sources: interviews, informal polls/surveys, etc., in addition to secondary source material.

5. Read and analyze source material and either note or highlight important information to be used In your report.

6. Start composing and organizing.

7. Highlight your findings and conclusions in a highly readable and understandable fashion.

8. Remember to cite or reference within your report (internal documentation).

9. Create a References or Works Cited page.

10. Be sure to save evidence of the writing process in the form of initial drafts for submittal with your final copy.

11. Revise-revise-revise!

Reference no: EM131065405

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