Formal and informal leaders

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Write down a short paragraph about the organization or subdivision of that organization that you're studying in your SLP.

Critically discuss how people are formally and informally organized within your organization.

Critically discuss who in your organization are the formal and informal leaders.

Reference no: EM1382120

Interaction using electronic channel

Explain how you could have changed your communication behaviors to make the interaction more effective while still using the electronic channel.

Gender and racial diversity in organization

Illustrate out the degree to which there is gender and racial diversity in your organization. More specifically, you are to examine the degree of diversity of the people in

We-versus-me orientation

Apply the communication competence model to the jury in the movie. Concentrate on the We-versus-Me orientation, skills and knowledge, appropriateness and effectiveness, sens

Determining trends in criminal statistical data

Critically discuss the trends in criminal statistical data over the last 40 years? Have the trends of violent and non-violent crime have increased, decreased or remained rel

Recognizing and avoiding bias

A researcher has deep religious faith. Part of this faith is the belief that homosexuality is against God and God's teachings. The researcher is part of the research team wo

Modellling the current and future landscapes

Using models like the above we can model current and future landscapes E.g. models for future forest types. Here is where parameters like global change, CO2 etc. are entered

Quantitative-qualitative and mixed studies

Analyze the ways in which theory is used for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed studies. Why isn't theory used the same way for all research?

Anarchy hierarchy continuum level of analysis

The anarchy hierarchy continuum Level of analysis Interests what do states want? Universality Normative-distribution of power Variants of 3rd image Systemic levels Human nat


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