Foreign direct investment in the automobile industry
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Impact of political economy on inward foreign direct investment in the automobile industry



Chapter 1: Introduction                 

1.1 Objective of the study

1.2 Methodology              

Chapter 2: literature review

             2.1 Impact of inward foreign direct investments      

             2.2 The political drawers for inward FDI on national economies     

             2.3The internationalization theory and FDI  

             2.4 The benefits and costs of foreign direct investment to the host country            

Chapter 3: Background

             3.1 India's political economy

             3.2 Foreign direct investment inflow

             3.3 Its competiveness in the global world

Chapter 4: Foreign direct investment inflow to Indian automobile industry

             4.1 Automobile industry of India

             4.2 key factors for MNEs investments in Indian automobile industry

Chapter 5: Political system of India

             5.1 The current political system of India

             5.2 Impacts of the political system on the automobile industry in India      

Chapter 6: Economical system

             6.1 The current economy of India

             6.2 Impacts of the economic system on the automobile industry in India

Chapter 7: Legal system                                               

             7.1 The current legal system of India           

             7.2 Impacts of the legal system on the automobile industry in India

Chapter 8: Strategic options to adorn the negative impacts on Indian automobile industry

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