For an fair practices-labor relations

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This is for an Fair Practices--Labor Relations in the Public Sector Class

  • Each one below need to be answere in grave detail.
  • Each one should be a Paragrapgh per question with APA formatting. This assignment for all below should not be more than 1 page total.
  • These are just Discusiion question.

NLRB and Bargaining

  • To what extent should the NLRB get involved in determining bargaining units?
  • Should not the cote be in the unit preferred by the employees?
  • Manufacturing/Service Ind
  • Would you expect a stronger anti-union response from an employer in manufacturing or an employer in a service industry? Why?

Reference no: EM13952541

Proposal outlining the advantages-disadvantages

The law firm that you work for are thinking about moving more business and communication capabilities to the cloud over the next year. 1) Your supervisor would like for your

Violations threaten the facilitation of legitimate trade

What is smuggling? What is smuggled and why is it smuggled? Who benefits from smuggling and who is hurt by smuggling and how? How can the U.S. Government win the war on drugs

Article from the last four weeks supporting your positions

Please reference a recent news article from the last four weeks supporting your positions. Assignment responses should be no less than 300 words and no more than about 500 wor

Lesson 7 presented several national policy

Lesson 7 presented several national policy matters that have developed over the past 10 to 20 years. Please explain how public policy is formed in the American system of gov

Analysis from the map, readings and class discussion

Complete the worksheet using analysis from the map, readings and class discussions. You may expand the table as needed. Also answer the questions at the end of the worksheet

Possibility of moving their company to a different state

Executives were considering the possibility of moving their company to a different state. They wanted to determine if employees would be willing to relocate, but they did no

Distribute leaflets to potential union members

Union organizers at a hospital wanted to distribute leaflets to potential union members, but hospital rules prohibited leafletting in areas of patient care, hallways, cafete

Governor in the upcoming election

You begin work at Everhappy Corp. at the beginning of November. On your second day at work, you wear a political button on your overcoat, supporting your choice for governor


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