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1. Two advertising or marketing agencies thar offer buzz marketing expertise. What type of buzz marketing services does each provide ? Which company do you think offers the best buzz marketing program? Why?

2. A metal fabricator produces shot gun barrels with an outer diameter that has a 3.5 ± 0.05 inch specification. A machine operator takes several sample measurements over time and determines the sample mean outer diameter to be 3.53 inches with a standard deviation of 0.030 inch. Calculate the process capability index (Round your answer to 4 decimals):

3. Compare the “bad apple” approach to those methods which focus on continuous quality improvement. Determine which method (or methods) you would prefer as a consumer and as a professional and give the rationale for your decision. (You cannot have it one way as a consumer and another way as a professional in health care).

Reference no: EM132234726

Identify the four general decision making styles

Identify the four general decision making styles. Explain the two primary characteristics, which define each. Describe participative management, and give at least four factors

In order to achieve its impressive result

In order to achieve its impressive result, Subaru Indiana Automotive (SIA) needs employees who are hardworking, attentive to detail, and dependable. These characteristics are

Assume no transaction costs

Suppose that we have N different currencies (e.g., US Dollars, Euros, etc.). For each pair of currencies, (i, j), one unit of currency i can be exchanged into rij units of cur

Time customers get to teller they seem irritated-impatient

A bank manager noticed that by the time customers get to the teller they seem irritated and impatient. She wants to investigate the problem further. She hires you to design a

Advertisement that exemplifies consumption as described

advertisement that exemplifies consumption as described in the text and define its relation to the material in the text. In this world of consumerism

A garbage can model of organization choice

The Cohen, March, and Olsen article "A Garbage Can Model of Organization Choice" begins "Consider organized anarchies". Assume you are the chief administrative officer of a me

What are four characteristics of high-growth companies

Give a brief description of each of the following problems: transportation, assignment, and transshipment. Your examples should clearly distinguish among the types. why it is

Alcohol costs society more in terms of health care costs

Alcohol costs society more in terms of health care costs and lives lost than marijuana, so we should ban alcohol and not marijuana. Agree or disagree? Explain your answer.


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