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Problem: Consider a trapezoidal piece of polymer film as shown below. The parallel sides of the trapezoid are insulated and the temperature of the bottom and diagonal sides are fixed at T and T , respectively. Using the 2D steady-state conduction equation.

1756_Basic MATLAB Programming.png

identify the temperature in location (x = Px and y = Py). In addition, include the derivations of the functions used in your computer codes, the computer codes themselves, and a 3D plot of the temperature distribution throughout the trapezoid film.

Grading will take into account how close your answer is to the correct solution. There is a spreadsheet on Angel that contains the specific values of L1, L2, L3, Px, Py, T1, and T4 that each student should use.

Please note that this project should represent each student's individual work and that there should be no copying of computer code from other students. Inability to explain the steps followed in the submitted MATLAB files will result in forfeiture of all project points.

961_Basic MATLAB Programming1.png

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