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Finish the final report according to the powerpoint. Should write them with all in-text citations and references.


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Mercedes Benz – South Africa:
Mercedes Benz is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world. It is been there in the market since a long time. The first time Carl Benz patented the vehicle motorwagen in Germany in 1886 and since then it is there in the global market. The first car imported into South Africa in 1896. It is the legacy of almost 126 years or even more. The 2014 verification and the audit process of the Mercedes-Benz (MBSA) verified MBSA as Level 5 Contributor towards Broad Based Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). In the skills development enterprise development sector MBSA has met the criteria of a level 1 contributor. The following part of the write-up emphasizes some of the key aspects of the MBSA progression in South Africa. Typical domains of discussion include its key strategic operations in the country to the way MBSA is making partnerships with the government, NGO and other stakeholders. Also discussed are the profits and revenues of the company in the recent times.

Other issues discussed are the Governance system of the company, Expansion of the company as well as its R&D base description. There are also comments regarding the best course of actions that the company can take up in the present operational scenario and the prevailing circumstances.

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