Finish the final report according to the powerpoint

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Finish the final report according to the powerpoint. Should write them with all in-text citations and references.

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Reference no: EM13759350

Some capacity-conflict

Family, marriage, education, and religion are areas that influence our lives daily. Write an essay answering the following questions. You must apply one of the following in

Article review - the fight for religious freedom

After reading the article "The Fight for Religious Freedom" thoroughly, create a Microsoft Word document and write 2 paragraphs about your selected article. These 2 paragrap

Find a minimum of the function

Find a minimum of the function f(x) = x3/3-2x2+3x+1 on an interval [0, 3.5] Find a minimum of the function f(x, y) = x4+y4 - x2 y + x y2 numerically starting at the initial po

Results of ''old worlds colliding'' in 15th and 16th centuries

Explain the use of the word catastrophe to describe the results of ''old worlds colliding'' in the 15th and 16th centuries. Why does the text consider Portugal an ''unlikely p

What new information about accident is revealed in the chart

On a separate page, discuss what new information about the accident is revealed in the chart, and describe how that information might be used to identify potential correctiv

Description of the system or applications capabilities

Overview Provide a brief description of the system or application's capabilities. Who are the intended users and stakeholders? Who is the project initiator or sponsor? Be su

Stewardship and sustainable resource

Discuss stewardship and sustainable resource use, as well as the issues or potential problems. What are the environmental implications of deforestation in the Amazon? Define

Predetermined and probablistic epigenesis

There are 2 conceptions of development. Predetermined and Probablistic epigenesis. Define these 2 alternative conceptions of development and provide examples to illustrate t


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