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TaskTask 1:Write a short essay (using no more than 500 words) to discuss how (or whether) the XML equivalent capabilities were used in the past (before XML) in WBIS and what changes are expected in XML in future?

Task 2:Write a short essay (using no more than 700 words) to discuss your critical analysis on ‘how WBIS, its various platforms/frameworks and design/development tools could affect the electronic commerce in the future.'Rationale
be able to research the emerging role of WBIS web services frameworks and XML;
be able to critically analyse WBIS design process, platforms and tools for developing a WBIS and compare their strengths and weaknesses;

Marking criteria

Tasks Full Marks PS CR (PS requirement +) DI (CR requirement +) HD (DI requirement +)

Task 1 4 Very basic presentation on either the past or the future of XML ( no reference is used to support claims) Presentation on both the past and the future of XML ( no reference is used to support claims) Presentation on both the past and the future of XML with proper referencing The presentation includes all requirements and is easy to comprehend.

Task 2 6 Very basic presentation without performing deep research to support claims backed by references Reasonably good research have been performed with some claims backed by references Strong arguments logics and references are presented to support claims The presentation includes all requirements and is easy to comprehend.


Submission:The report addressing both the tasks must have to be uploaded in Turnitin. Your report should include minimum of five references to professional and scholarly literature.Following link will assist you finding some additional beneficial literature:

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