Find what is the resistance between each end terminal

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The adjustable contact of a linear potentiometer is set at the mechanical center of its adjustment. If the total resistance is 1000 O, what is the resistance between each end terminal and the adjustable contact?

Reference no: EM13280500

Determine what is the efficiency of the engine

The power measured by a Prony brake attached to an engine flywheel is 3.8 brake horsepower. The indicated horsepower, as measured by means of indicator cards is 4.1. What is

List the three mitigation types

In the presentation, the presenter, Mr. Rob Tucker discussed three types of disturbance mitigation responses or measures. List the three mitigation types and give a short de

What is the minimum value of t for reliable data sample

A 10-bit unipolar ADC with a reference of 5.00 F and a 44 micro seconds conversion time will be used to collect data on time constant measurement. Thus, the input will be of

Will the voltage build up for rotation in opposite direction

A cumulatively compounded dc generator is operating properly as a flat-compounded dc generator. The machine is then shut down, and its shunt field connections are reversed

What is minimum bandwidth of the telephone line to transmit

The output power of the digital transmitter is 0 dBm and the link has a constant attenuation of 50.0 dB. At the input to the receiver, the equivalent AWGN noise power is 

Determine the values of c and r

A capacitor C is connected in parallel with a resistor R across a 120 V, 200 Hz supply. The supply current is 2 A at a power factor of 0.6 leading. Determine the values of C a

Derive the transfer function for a system with an function u

Derive the transfer function for a system with an function u(t) and an output function x(t) described by the following differential equation; d^3x/d^5d^2x/dt^2+17d^x/dt+13=d

Write a vhdl behavioral description of the counter

A modulo 8 counter cycles through the states Q0Q1Q2Q3 = 1000,1100, 0100, 0110, 0010, 0011, 0001, 1001. The counter has eightoutputs: Z0 = 1 when the counter is in state 1000


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