Find the vertical speed of the particle

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A particle of mass m slides without friction inside a three-dimensional conical funnel, whose walls have unit slope and whose center axis is vertical (Figure 10.26). If the particle is launched inside the funnel at height h and horizontal speed s0, find the vertical speed of the particle when it reaches the bottom of the funnel.


Reference no: EM131249251

Changes in kinetic and potential energies is zero

Ten cubic feet of air is cooled at a constant pressure of 80 psi. The initial temperature is 180 0F and the final temperature is 100 0F. Assume air is an ideal gas, Cp = 0.241

Find the temperature of the billet

Set up an equation to find the temperature of the billet as a function of time in terms of the pertinent parameters. Assume that radiation also plays a role in the dissipati

Study of ?uid mechanics

There are three basic laws in our study of ?uid mechanics: the conservation of mass, Newton's second law, and the ?rst law of thermodynamics. (a) State an integral quantity

Calculate the flow of nitrogen through the wall

A differential nitrogen pressure exists across a 2-mm-thick steel furnace wall. After some time, steady-state diffusion of the nitrogen is established across the wall. Given t

Calculate the critical radius and the number of stable

1. (a) Assume for the solidification of nickel (Problem 10.4) that nucleation is homogeneous, and the number of  stable  nuclei  is 106 nuclei per cubic meter. Calculate the

Determine the tube length required for the water vapor

Determine the tube length required for the water vapor to reach 99% of saturation. What is the rate at which energy must be supplied to each tube to maintain its temperature

Specific heat at constant pressure of the saturated liquid

Show that the specific heat at saturation of a liquid phase of mass m (defined by Cf= (deltaQ/m)dt is generally not the same as the specific heat at constant pressure of the s

Research paper aircraft turbine engine

This activity will involve researching a concept or component related to the turbine engine lubrication system. The concept can be on the different types of synthetic oils u


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