Find the value of power gain in db of an amplifier

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An amplifier with a voltage gain of +40 dB, an input resistance of 10 kO, and an output resistance of 1 kO is used to drive a 1-kO load.

What is the value of Avo?
Find the value of power gain in dB ?

Reference no: EM13272237

What is the potential difference in volts between a and b

Consider a path with discrete points A,B,C,D and E. It takes 2 pJto move an electron from A to B or from B to C. It takes 3 pJto move a proton from C to D. It takes no energ

Determine a sinusoidal expression for the resultant

Determine a sinusoidal expression for the resultant v_R=v_1+v_2 by finding the horizontal and   vertical components. Determine the resultant v_R=v_1-v_2 using horizontal and v

The switch moves instantaneously to position

The switch in the circuit has been in position 'a' for a long time. At t=0, the switch moves instantaneously to position 'b'. (a) Find io(t) for t>=0. (b). Find Vo(t) for t>=0

Find the value of fs so that the reconstructed signal

consider the back to back cascade of an ideal C to D and D to C converter. Both have the same sampling rate fs. Suppose that the signal being sampled is: x(t) = cos(324*pi*t

Find vmn if point m and n are specified by m and n

An electric field is expressed in rectangular coordinates by E = 6x2ax + 6y ay +4az V/m. Find: a.) VMN if point M and N are specified by M(2,6,1) and N(-3, -3, 2). b.) VM if V

What is the new magnitude of the armature current

A 480-V, 60Hz, 500-hp 0.85-PF-leading eight-pole delta-connected synchronous motor has a synchronous reactance of 0.6 ohms and neglible armature resistance. Ignore its frict

What observation can you state about electrical conductivity

What observations can you state about electrical conductivity from observing these pictures? Based on the pictures, list the solutions that based on conductivity, ordered from

Calculate value of resistance that should be added to rotor

A 15 hp, 209V,three-phase,six pole, Y-connected induction motor has the following parameter values per phase: R1= 0.128 ohm, R'2=0.0935 ohm Xeq- X1 + X'2 = 0.49 ohm. The mot


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