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An acorn falls into a still pond and bobs in the water making a ripple in the pond. It takes 4.00 seconds for the acorn to complete 6.00 full cycles of vertical motion in the water. You too notice that the distance among wave peaks is 15.0 cm. Find the speed of the wave.

Reference no: EM13676064

Electric field is perpendicular to the plane of the loop

A loop of diameter 21 cm is placed in a uniform electric field of magnitude 6.3 multiply.gif 102 N/C. What is the electric flux during the loop when the electric field is perp

A parallel-plate capacitor is connected to a battery

A parallel-plate capacitor is connected to a battery and stores 4.7nC of charge. Then, while the battery remains connected, a sheet of Teflon is inserted among the plates. By

What is its acceleration in the horizontal direction

A projectile is launched at some angle to the horizontal by some initial speed vi, and air resistance is negligible. Is the projectile a freely falling body? What is its accel

Discover time it takes to hit the ground at base of cliff

A projectile is launched straight up at 53 m/s from a height of 86.5 m, at the edge of a sheer cliff. The projectile falls just missing the cliff and hitting the ground below.

Magnitude of the electric field at the empty corner

You have three identical charged spheres, each with a charge of 4.05 µC. You have arranged them so they are each at the corners of a square that gauges 3.9m on a side. Discove

Decide the time needed for the stone to reach the ground

A stone is thrown from the top of a building by an initial velocity of 21.7 m/s straight upward, at an initial height of 54.9 m above the ground. The stone just misses the edg

Hikers resultant displacement vector

A hiker begins a trip by first walking 25.0 km 45.0° south of east from her base camp. On the second day she walks 40.0 km in a direction 60.0°north of east, at which point sh

Discover the electrostatic force exerted on one sphere

Two small identical conducting spheres are placed with their centers 0.72 m apart. One is given a charge of 1.2 multiply.gif 10-8 C, the other a charge of -1.6*10-8 C. Discove


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