Find the shortest length of wire needed

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A 105 ft tower is located on the side of a mountain that is inclined 32° to the horizontal. A guy wire is to be attached to the top of the tower and anchored at a point 55 ft downhill from the base of the tower. Find the shortest length of wire needed.

Reference no: EM13196453

Find both the width of the square dining room

an architect has allocated a rectangular space of 429 sq ft for a square dining room and a 20 ft wide kitchen. Find both the width of the square dining room and the length o

Find the probability that don flipped a head on that trial

At each trial of a game, Don and Greg flip biased coins, simultaneously but independently. For each trial, the probability of heads is pD and pG for Don and Greg, respective

What percentage of the bearings produced will not acceptable

Suppose, however, that the setting has changed during the course of production, so that the distribution of the diameters produced is well approximated by a normal distribut

What will the radius of this larger sphere be

A jeweler has three small solid spheres made of silver, of radius 5 mm, 2 mm, and 6 mm. He decides to melt these down and make just one sphere out of them. What will the rad

What is the probability that student selected failed

At university , all first-year students must take chemistry and math. Suppose 15% fail chemistry, 12% fail math, and 5% fail both. Suppose a first-year student is selected a

Write an equation to model this cost of production

A medical prosthetics company charges a $350 setup fee and $5.50 per piece to make a plastic brace for patients with sprained wrists. Write an equation to model this cost of

Find the speed of each train

the speed of train a is 20 mph slower than the speed of train b. train a travels 220 miles in the same time it takes train b to travel 320 miles. find the speed of each trai

Find the speed and direction of the woman

A woman walks due west on the deck of an ocean liner at 7 mph. The ocean liner is moving due north at a speed of 23 mph. Find the speed and direction of the woman relative t


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