Find the probability of testing twenty raids

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Determine the correct answer of the given question

Question- How can you use discrete probability to calculate the probability of testing 5 devices such that all 5 end up being non defective RAIDs, given there are 20 defective RAIDs total of the original 100 RAID devices, what is the sample space in this problem, is this a ratio of combinations or permutations problem (explain why and show an example. Hint: Read section 6.5 and see Example 6.5.4 in your textbook.), and assuming there are exactly 5 defective RAIDs out of the 100 RAID devices,

Part 1- What is the probability of testing 20 RAIDs at random and finding all of them non defective?

I need help to find the probability of testing twenty RAIDs.

Reference no: EM13722637

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