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Suppose that consumer’s utility is described by the following function: U(x;y) = x2y, where x is the amount of good X that the consumer consumes and y is the amount of good Y that the consumer consumes. Consumer’s income is 360 euros. Suppose that the price per unit of good X is currently 6 euros and the price per unit of good Y is currently also 6 euros. Suppose that Government is planning to introduce a tax per unit of good Y, which will result in an increase of the price of good Y from 6 euros to 12 euros (for the consumer). Suppose that the price of good X will not change. Find the minimum compensation (compensating variation), which Government should pay to the consumer (in case of such policy) if it wants to maintain the consumer’s well-being at pre-policy level.

Reference no: EM131081077

Comparative advantage for corn

(Figure: Corn and Watches in the United States and Canada) Referring to the graphs, we see that _____ has the comparative advantage for corn and _____ has the comparative adva

Average demand for money and the velocity of your money

Assume, after you graduate, you are paid $3,000 monthly (take home pay). Assuming you spend your entire income at a constant rate throughout the month and do not use a credit

Supplier of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration equipment

Portland Fluid Control, Inc., (PFC) is a major supplier of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration equipment, which helps industrial and commercial customers achieve improved pr

Which of these has the least elastic demand

Which of these has the least elastic demand? If total revenue rises when price is raised, demand. The effect on the market for heating oil of a leftward shift of supply would

Illustrate is there a nash equilibrium

I hereby offer you $5,001 if both you and my other creditor agree to cancel my debt. If either or both of you decline this offer, I will be legally in default and you will r

Designs to attract a sufficiently large niche market

How has Apple positioned itself to take advantage of unique designs to attract a sufficiently large niche market to surpass the competition in the United States and China?

Maximin rule and minimax regret rule

Under what conditions should a manager use each of the following rules/options for pricing decisions: (a) Maximax Rule; (b) Maximin Rule; (c) Minimax Regret Rule; and (d) Equa

Classify the civilian labor force in riverside

There are 440,000 people residing in Riverside. Among them, 80% of the population is the civilian labor force. 15% of the civilian labor force lost their jobs because their jo


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