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1. Given the following results of the height and weight of 1000 students.

The mean height is 170 cm, the mean weight is 75 kg. the standard deviation of the height and weight are 6 cm and 6 kg respectively r = 0.6. amit weighs 50 kg, sumeet is 1.5 m tall. Estimate the height of Amit from his weight and the weight of sumeet from his height

2. In a large number of group of children 55% are under 60 cm height nd 40% are between 60 and 65 cm. Assuming a normal distribution, find the mean and SD of height Need these 2 answers

Reference no: EM131231083

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Start developing a list of references that will be used in your Capstone which is the research of Walmart. Put these references in APA format. Using online resources, resear

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Write a business brief to your instructor and mentor about (How to identify high potential talent in an organization) and explain how it will apply in a business setting. Yo

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What do you think is meant by the statement, "an organization is a reflection of its management's philosophy, values, vision, and goals"?  Why is this important and how does

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Now, consider the following scenario. You have been assigned the task of creating a multiple regression equation of at least three variables that explains Microsoft’s annual s

Describe an organizational change initiative

Describe an organizational change initiative that you have experienced or researched (choose one). In what specific instances would that change initiative be most applicable


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