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Question: Suppose that you perform the following monohybrid cross in dogs: Aa X Aa, in which the dominant A allele produces black coat color and the recessive a allele produces a white coat color. Imagine that all the offspring in the F1 generation are black. How do you interpret this outcome?

Question: At a single locus, 5 peaks; 12,13,15,17,18 have been analyzed and the following information is provided: 12 is 89% smaller than 13 or 11% of the intensity of 13; 13 is twice the height of 18; 13 is equal to the height of 15; 17 is about the same height as 12. Using this information, what is the maximum number of possible contributors could there be at this locus?



Reference no: EM1386155

How does the high concentration of urea in the cells

How does the high concentration of urea in the cells of the inner medulla surrounding the nephron make it possible for the fluid in the tubule to become concentrated (loose

Identify the major structures and functions of the endocrine

Identify the major structures and functions of the endocrine, skeletal, muscular, reproductive, and nervous systems. Evaluate various risk factors for diseases within body sys

Why was darwin unable to gather evidence

If evolution occurs by natural selection, then, there must be variation among organisms. Why was Darwin unable to gather evidence to determine if this prediction made by the

What would be the most important organelle

what would be the most "important" organelle in a goblet cell? Iassume its the apical membrane that allows for the secretion ofmucus, but I want to be sure. Please answer wi

Two alleles of a single gene

Use the following information for the next 2 questions. Pigeons have two alleles of a single gene that determines whether they have feathers on their lower legs. The alleles

What about eukaryotes

When is double strand break repair important in bacteria? What about eukaryotes? (in other words, what are the situations when you would expect to get ds DNA breaks in each

Taxonomics characteristics-animal structure

Taxonomics characteristics may be derived from which of the follwoing? Which of the following is critical for classifying animals in the taxon ecdysozoa? Which of the followin

Which of the two molecules is going to disorganize faster

We have two DNA molecules that consist of 60 pairs of nitrogenous bases.The first consists of 30 cytosines and the second consists of 40 adenines. Which of the two molecules


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