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Give an ad hoc estimator for the amplitude of a coherent binary FSK waveform in additive gaussian noise when it is known that the amplitude does not change during a block of n bits. Find the maximum-likelihood estimator for estimating amplitude and demodulating data simultaneously. Find the maximum-likelihood estimator for estimating amplitude only with data treated as a random nuisance parameter and averaged out. How do these three estimators compare?

Reference no: EM131349911

Compute the energy loss over a length of 54 in

Compute the Reynolds number for each section if ethylene glycol at 77°F flows with an average velocity of 15 ft/s. Then compute the energy loss over a length of 54 in.

What is the velocity of the ball in frame s

An observer is sitting in frame S at rest with respect to S. A second person is sitting in frame S' which is moving with β = 0.8 away from S. What is the velocity of the ball

Design and specify rotating machines and drivetrains

ME-344 - Design Project Mechanical Design - design and specify rotating machines and drivetrains for a variety of applications. A customer is proposing to manufacture 30 HP,

Calculate wall thickness required

A cast-iron pipe, 3 ft in diameter, is subjected to an internal gage pressure of 100 psi. Calculate the wall thickness required if the allowable tensile stress is 11,000 psi

Take for the buyer to completely pay for the building

A building is priced at $255,000. If a buyer makes a down payment of $55,000 and a payment of $2,000 every month thereafter, how many months will it take for the buyer to comp

Determine the rate of entropy production

For a control volume including the turbine and a portion of its immediate surroundings so that the heat transfer occurs at the ambient temperature, 40°F, determine the rate

What are the functions of jobs in an it department

Training teaches employees how to use components of the information system or answers specific questions. Security develops and enforces policies designed to safeguard data

Calculate the temperature of the gas in the tank

comment on any safety hazards that might be encountered. especially, what would you anticipate if the inlet gas control valve were to malfunction and the gas space above the


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