Find the magnetic induction at spot where coil is located

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Q1. Find the current density as a function of distance r from the axis of a radially symmetrical parallel stream of electrons if the magnetic induction inside the stream varies as B = brα, where b and α are positive constants.

Q2. A small coil C with N = 200 turns is mounted on one end of a balance beam and introduced between the poles of an electromagnet as shown in Fig. The cross-sectional area of the coil is S =1.0 cm2, the length of the arm OA of the balance beam is l = 30 cm. When there is no current in the coil the balance is in equilibrium. On passing a current I = 22 mA through the coil the equilibrium is restored by putting the additional counterweight of mass Δm = 60 mg on the balance pan. Find the magnetic induction at the spot where the coil is located.


Reference no: EM132434099

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