Find the expected number of units demanded per day

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The probability distribution of the daily demand for a product is shown below.

Demand Probability
0 0.05
1 0.10
2 0.15
3 0.35
4 0.20
5 0.10
6 0.05

a. What is the expected number of units demanded per day?
b. Determine the variance and the standard deviation.

Reference no: EM13149971

Mean and standard deviation

In fact, the insurance company sees that in the entire population of homeowners, the mean loss from ?re is μ = $300 and the standard deviation of the loss is σ  = $400.

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Several factors influence the value obtained for a t statistic. Some factors affect the numerator of the t statistic and others influence the size of estimated standard erro

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An individual's credit score is a number calculated based on that person's credit history that helps a lender determine how much he/she should be loaned or what credit limit


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