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In 2004 the Bush Administration enacted changes to the FLSA and the way overtime is paid. These changes are said to have impacted millions of working Americans. The Act addresses who and how overtime is paid. It is also felt that more changes are still needed.

Using an Internet search, find the enactment highlights of 2004 and future proposed changes. Who is impacted, positively or negatively? How do you feel this impacts you? Were these changes long overdue, or do you think this is just a way for workers to work more hours without the employer being responsible for premium pay?

Reference no: EM13765058

What is the incremental effect on profit

An outside supplier has offered to produce the machines for Thomas for $700 a unit. What is the incremental effect on profit for this make or buy decision?

Allowance for doubtful accounts and bad debt expense

Use the following account titles: Service Revenue, Accounts Receivable, Interest Expense, Interest Payable, Salaries Expense, Salaries Payable, Allowance for Doubtful Accounts

Actual materials and supplies for the month

For the month of November, the company planned for activity of 85 vehicles, but the actual level of activity was 50 vehicles. The actual materials and supplies for the month

Complete an application form

EXPLAIN the REASON and JUSTIFICATION for the following sections of the Corp Act: - SECTION 124; SECTION 129(1) and SECTION 588M (3). Your analysis of each section is worth 5

Compute the costs of the ending work-in-process

6-38 Weighted-Average MethodGifford, Inc. produces a single model of a popular cell phone in large quantities. A single cell phone moves through two departments, assembly a

What was the approximate life of the asset

Madison Industries uses the straight-line depreciation method. One asset had been purchased for $9,000. Annual depreciation expense was $800 after considering a residual val

Contribution margin per unit-carver company

Carver Company produces a product which sells for $40. Variable manufacturing costs are $18 per unit. Fixed manufacturing costs are $5 per unit based on the current level of

Determine the direct materials price variance

Determine the direct materials price variance, assuming that all materials costs are the responsibility of the materials purchasing manager.


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