Find the cross-sectional dimensions of the beam

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A beam of uniform rectangular cross section is to be cut from a log having a circular cross section of diameter 2a. The beam is to be used as a cantilever beam to carry a concentrated load at the free end.

Find the cross-sectional dimensions of the beam which will have the maximum bending stress carrying capacity using an exterior penalty function approach with analytical unconstrained minimization.

Reference no: EM131144953

Determine critical load if bottom and top are both pinned

A 12 foot, A-36 steel, column has an outer diameter of 3.0 in and a thickness of 0.25 in. Determine the critical load if the bottom and top are both pinned. A 10 meter wooden

Find the force and the velocity generated by the piston

A hydraulic cylinder has a piston diameter of 2.2 inches, a fluid pressure of 1100 psi, a flow rate of 132 cubic inches per minute, and a stroke of 10.5 inches. Find the force

How long will it take for the surface temperature

A long aluminium cylinder 50cm in diameter is initially at a uniform temperature of 200°C. It is suddenly subjected to a temperature of 70°C and h = 535W/m2K. How long will it

Determine the distance

The length of the stem protruding above the fluid surface of the liquid in which the hydrometer floats is a function of the specific gravity of the liquid. If the mass of th

Determine whether vaporization is a major concern

In coal gasifiers, refractories and metals must withstand the coal/air or coal/oxygen combusting atmospheres. The Zr-Nb-Ti system is under consideration as alternative to the

Design a continuous reinforced concrete beam

Using the ACI coefficients, design a continuous reinforced concrete beam that will span four supports. The end spans are 24-ft long; the center span is 28-ft long (spans are

How must the three images tell the story of the design

Then, visit the Greener Gadgets Web site ( and read the News, Blog, and Press sections. Which gadgets present green technological alternatives to the toxi

Calculate the resulting pressure

An applied force of 26.5 MN is distributed uniformly over a 152-cm2 area; however, it acts at an angle of 42° with respect to a normal vector (see Fig. P1.33). If it produces


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