Find the concentration of the naoh in the resulting solution

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Suppose 25.0 g of solid NaOH is added to 1.5 L of an aqueous solution that is already 2.4 M in NaOH. Then water is added until the final volume is 4.00 L. Determine the concentration of the NaOH in the resulting solution.

Reference no: EM13231370

Explain the density of vinegar is the same as water

The united states food and drug administration requires that any product called vinegar contain at least 4% of weight by acetic acid .Assuming that the density of vinegar is

Explain what is the word eequation

Magnesium metal rects with oxygen to make a white powder knon as magnesium oxide. As the reaction proceeds, a bright white flame is seen. It is found that 2.6 g of magnesium

Mercury boils at a temperature of 357degree celcius.

Two thermometers are constructed in the same way except that one has a spherical bulb and the other has a cylindrical bulb. whic one will respond quickly to temperature chan

What is the actual yield of iron

what is the grams of 9.31 x 10^24 molecules of methanol (CH3OH)? combining 0.357 mol of Fe2O3 with excess carbon produced 19.2g of Fe ;  Fe2O3 + 3C ---> 2Fe + 3CO what is th

State the gas was obtained by boiling liquid nitrogen

The gas was obtained by boiling liquid nitrogen stored in a 180.0 L tank. What volume of N2 is released at 0.955 atm of pressure and 25 degree celsius from a tank full of li

Compute the energy density in the range

The Planck distribution gives the energy in the wavelength range dA at the wavelength A. Calculate the energy density in the range 650 nm to 655 nm inside a cavity of volume

Explain the molar mass of an unknown salt

The molar mass of an unknown salt is 75.6. If 2.29 g is added to 71.2 mL of water the temperature changes from 20.70oC to 21.39oC. What is the molar heat of solution (J/mol)

State graduated cylinder filled with liquid

Draw two pictures. One of a graduated cylinder filled with liquid in which it is possible to read its volume as 10.oo ml and one of a second graduated cylinder filled with l


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