Find the change in the energy of air in joules

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1.Hummingbird moths are night-flying insects whose behavior and appearance are similar to those of hummingbirds. Explain how thes two organisms demonstrate the concept of convergent evolution.?

2.a quantty of a gas equal to 3.5 cu ft is to be expanded adiabatically. it has specific heat at constant pressure of 0.532 and at constant volume of 0.48. what is the value of the exponential power k?

3.a volume of 20 cu ft of air at pressure of 50 psig is heated and  expanded to 30 cu ft and 40psig find the change in the energy of air in joules

Reference no: EM13529988

How information sharing in negotiations can contribute

Develop an argument to show that an imbalance of negotiating power probably existed between the parties during the negotiations. Identify the factors accounting for the imba

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In this assignment you will analyze the implications of the fall of humanity, consider the impact of the Fall on humanity, and reflect on the continuing consequences of the

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Provide a detailed description of Epicurus's account of happiness. Be sure to discuss the four-point plan that Epicurus offers Menoeceus in our text concerning how one should

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In your own words, define positive psychology. Explain how positive psychology manifests itself in your workplace. Assess whether positive psychology is more applicable to

How can you make clear the advantage hiring

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Describe the elements of peacemaking

Conflict Resolution - Discuss this in 150+ words, please list and cite sources. Describe the elements of conflict resolution. and peacemaking. Peacemaking - Discuss this in

Competition create incentives

Market forms and increased competition create incentives to use resources efficiently and increase the quality of the services provided.


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