Find the appropriate promoters in complex eukaryotic nucleus

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Compared to prokaryotes, the eukaryotic genome is more complex and contains large amounts of noncoding sequences. Describe the process by which eukaryotic promoters are recognized. How does the transcriptional machinery find the appropriate promoters in the complex eukaryotic nucleus?

Reference no: EM13112121

Find differences between cnidaria and platyhelminthes

one of the major differences between Cnidaria and Platyhelminthes is radial versus bilateral symmetry. Discuss the advantage of radial symmetry for sessile (attached) animal

When would vasopressin be released

Vasopressin is targets the collecting ducts of the kidney and increases the concentration of aquaporins for reabsorption of water. When would vasopressin be released and wha

Mutations in the rII region of a bacteriophage

Mutations in the rII region of a bacteriophage T4 prevent its growth on E. coli strain K. You obtain numerous mutations in this region and want to determine how many genes a

What is happening to population growth rates worldwide

Using current population growth rates (obtained from the World Bank or CIA Factbook) and using the rule of 70, project how long it will take the population of the world a

How energy and materials flow in your local ecosystem

The biotic and abiotic environmental components involved in this issue and how their interaction has affected the diversity of organisms in your environment. How energy and

Discuss other strategies for improving water quality

Many of the major waterways in the Tennessee River system are dam-controlled. That means the water level of each section of river may fluctuate significantly at different ti

How to set smart nutrition goals

Overview: You have had a chance to track your diet for 3 days. For this part of the project, you will look at additional reports from My Diet Analysis to analyze where your

Behaviour of transformed cells

Normal cells greatly slow their rates of cell division after filling culture dish with layer that is one cell deep. If a circular group of cells is removed from the middle of


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