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comparing the weight of every person in a group of people before they went on a diet with their weight after they completed the diet program. I would want to know whether each person's weight after the program significantly greater than their weight beforehand. 2 sets of groups coming from the same set of people. One set represents the weight before treatment. The other set represents the weight after treatment. In a case like this use a paired-sample t-test. assist with setting up this formula.

Reference no: EM13149156

Gaussian random variable with the same expected value

Recreate the plots of Figure 6.3. On the same plots, superimpose the PDF of Yn , a Gaussian random variable with the same expected value and variance. If Xn denotes the bino

Confidence interval for population mean if mean is given

Find a 90% confidence interval for the population mean if the sample mean is 1250 with a sample standard deviation of 35 for a sample of 20.

Difference between satisfaction levels of mid country

Using a 5% level of significance, can  we say that, generally there is important difference between satisfaction levels of mid country residents and coastal residents?

Probability that sample mean of iq scores will not differ

If 55 people are chosen at random, what is the probability that the sample mean of IQ scores will not differ from the population mean by more than 2 points?

Determine what percent of scores lie in range-empirical rule

SAT verbal scores are normally distributed with a mean of 423 and a standard deviation of 91. Use the Empirical Rule to determine what percent of the scores lies between 423

Find probability that one professors is extroverted

Approximately 34% of all university professors are extroverted Suppose you have classes with 5 Different professors. Find probability that 1 is extroverted? Find probability

Calculate the standard deviation of the mvp

Of all the combinations of these two stocks, the portfolio with the smallest standard deviation (i.e., the MVP) has weights of 56% in WNOand 44% in RPS. Calculate the standa

Could the advertising agency say the mean

Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean number of transactions per customer is more than 10 per month? Could the advertising agency say the mean is more than


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