Find position velocity and acceleration as functions of time

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A 1.00 kg glider attached to a spring with a force constant49.0 N/m oscillates on a horizontal,frictionless air track. At t = 0, the glider is releasedfrom rest at x = -3.10 cm.(That is, the spring is compressed by 3.1 cm.)

(a) Find the period of its motion.


(b) Find the maximum values of its speed and acceleration.



(c) Find the position, velocity, and acceleration as functions oftime (t).

cm (position)

cm/s (velocity)

cm/s2 (acceleration)

Reference no: EM13655453

What is speed of duckand bullet immediately after the hit

A 1.00 kg duck is flying overhead at 1.50 m/s. When a hunter firesstraight up. The 0.0100Kg bullet is moving 100m/s when it hits duckand stay lodged in the duck's body. What

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The position of a particle is given by the expression x =(4.00 m) cos(6.00πt + 1/4π), where x is in metersand t is in seconds. Determine the frequency and period of the motion

Projectile of mass m is launched from the origin at speed

A projectile of mass m is launched from the origin at speedv0 and angle theta. It is attached to the origin with aspring (spring constant k) and equilibrium length zero. Show

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A 8.0 g string, 0.87 m long, is under tension. The string produces a 900 Hz tone when it vibrates in the third harmonic. The wavelength of the tone in air, in SI units is

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A tube of mercury with resistivity 9.84 x 10-7Ω*m has a 25 N/C electric field inside thecolumn of mercury. How much current is flowing, if the diameter ofthe tube is 1.0 mm

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When viewed by an observer on the Earth, light from a distantgalaxy is Doppler shifted to the red such that the ratio of the unshifted frequency to the observed frequency is


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