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A small ball of mass 2x10-3 kg having a charge of 1uC is suspended by string of length 0.8 m. Another identical ball having same charge is kept at a point of suspension. Find out the minimum horizontal velocity that should be imparted to the lower ball so that it can make one complete revolution?


Two blocks, of mass m1 = 438 g and m2 = 540 g, are connected by a massless cord that is wrapped around a uniform disk of mass M = 466 g and radius R = 10.0 cm. disk can rotate without friction about a fixed horizontal axis through its center; cord cannot slip on the disk. The system is released from rest. Find (a) magnitude of the acceleration of the blocks, (b) tension T1 in the cord at the left and (c) tension T2 in the cord at the right.

Reference no: EM133642

Find the speed of the small car

Consider a small car of mass 1236 kg and a large sport utility vehicle (SUV) of mass 3960 kg. The SUV is traveling at the speed limit (v = 33 m/s). Find the speed of the sma

Find the magnetic field at the center of the square

Four long, straight wires parallel to the z axispass through the points (±8.5 cm, ±8.5 cm) at the corners of a square inthe x-yplane. Each carries a currentof 4.0 A, with th

What is the plate separation

A parallel-plate capacitor has a plate area of 7.2 cm^2, and a capacitance of 9.3 pF. What is the plate separation? The value of the permittivity of a vacuum is 8.8542 × 10-

What is the time constant for the damping of the oscillation

A small earthquake starts a lamppost vibrating back and forth. The amplitude of the vibration of the top of the lamppost is6.5 cm at the moment the quake stops, and8.6 s later

Find the distance between the source and the detector

A source of sound emitting a 1200 Hz note travels along a straight line at a speed of 170 m/s. A detector is placed at a distance of 200 m from the line of motion of the sou

How long does it take for teds railroad car to pass alice

Ted is traveling on his railroad car (length 30 m) at speed v = 0.6 c as shown in the figure. As measured on Alice's clock, how long does it take for Ted's railroad car to p

The role of a us federal agency intelligence analyst

Written Threat Assessment: You are to assume the role of a US federal agency intelligence analyst who is putting together the agency's input (on your specific topic) for the D

Determine the effect amplitude on the period

In the experiment on Simple Harmonic Motion you were asked to use the same mass for the first two runs. Why would this be important where you are trying to determine the eff


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