Find out the liabiltiy for refurndable deposits to be report

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Diversified Semiconductors sells perishable electronic components. Some must be shipped and stored in reusable protective containers. Customer pay a deposit for each container received. The deposits forfeited were $35,000.


Prepare the appropriate journal entries for the depositis received and returned during 2011.

Determine the liabiltiy for refurndable deposits to be reported on the December 31, 2011, balance sheet.

Reference no: EM13130828

Advantages and disadvantages of complying with sox

Explain how SOX helps an organization assess their internal controls. What are the advantages and disadvantages of complying with SOX?  Do you agree SOX is effective in mitiga

Difference between rent paid by new tenant and rent

Gamison Ltd has leased a warehouse in an industrial section of the twon. The lease is for 5 years and can only be cancelled by Gamison if Gamisons reimburses the landlord for

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What amount of deferred gross profit should Blake report at December 31, 2011 - The note was payable in three annual installments of $250,000 beginning January 2, 2011. Blake

Uncollectible using the direct write-off method

Using the data in Exercise 9-15, assume that during the second year of operations Mack’s Plumbing Supply Co. had sales of $4,100,000, wrote off $34,000 of accounts as uncollec

Calculate the contribution margin

AirTel Company sold 10,000 units of its product at a price of $80 per unit. Total variable cost is $50 per unit consisting of $40 in variable production cost and $10 in vari

The red division of the elsa company

Senior management is unhappy with the investment centre's return on investment. It asks the manager of the red division to submit plans to improve the ROI in the next year

Prepare master budget for the three-month period ending

You have just been hired as a new management trainee by Earrings Unlimited, a distributor of earrings to various retail outlets located in shopping malls across the country. I

Airfare can melissa deduct as a business expense

Melissa recently paid $400 for round-trip airfare to San Francisco to attend a business conference for three days. Suppose that Melissa made the trip to San Francisco primaril


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