Find out the liabiltiy for refurndable deposits to be report

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Diversified Semiconductors sells perishable electronic components. Some must be shipped and stored in reusable protective containers. Customer pay a deposit for each container received. The deposits forfeited were $35,000.


Prepare the appropriate journal entries for the depositis received and returned during 2011.

Determine the liabiltiy for refurndable deposits to be reported on the December 31, 2011, balance sheet.

Reference no: EM13130828

Preferred stockholders and common stockholders

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Fair price for pinkerton

Please, provide answer with detailed calculation, i.e. excel file if needed and bullet point answers. Please provide explanation and not just 'yes'/'no' answer. All answers

Jacob''s savings account balance

Jacob earned $80 babysitting and deposited the money into his savings account. The next week he spent $85 on video games. Use integers to describe the weekl changes in Jacob's

Average common? stockholders equity

For the current? year, Company A had sales of $350,000?, net income of $250,000 and average common? Stockholders' Equity of $900,000. During the same? year, Company B had sale


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