Find out the expected number of points resulting

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A basketball player who makes 75% of his free throws comes to the line to shoot a one on one. That is, if the first shot is successful, the player is given a second shot; if not, he gets no second shot. One point is scored for each successful shot. Assume the outcome of the second shot if there is one, is independent of that of the first

a) find out the expected number of points resulting from the one on one

b) compare this with the expected number of points from a two shot foul, where the second shot i always given


Reference no: EM1362674

Illustrate what do you think are the defining characters

Illustrate what do you think are the defining characters of a science. does the study of the economy have these characteristics.

Explain why this no trade policy would be inefficient

A new health minister proposes to distribute an apple a day for free to every citizen. To be effective the legislation states that the free apples may not be traded or sold. E

What is the impact of opening trade on the real wage

Suppose when Russia opens to trade, it imports cars, a capital intensive good. (Consider the following Heckscher-Ohlin model.) According to the Heckscher-Ohlin model, is Russi

Profit maximizing amount of those two types of input

Give two distinct reasons why studies might show that physicians firm might use too few nurses and other aides relative to profit maximizing amount of those two types of input

Policy change makes holding money less attractive

An economy begins in the long run equilibrium, and credit card companies start offering cash back on every purchase. How does this change affect the demand for money? What hap

What is the socially optimal quantity-socially optimal price

Suppose you are studying the recent rise in shale energy. You know the inverse demand function for shale energy is P = 100 - Qd. The supply of shale energy is P = Qs. However,

Laying the groundwork for sociological research

In a post of between 150 and 250 words, respond to the following discussion: First, start with a very brief summary of the origins of sociology as a field of study discussed i

Euro-per-canadian dollar equilibrium exchange rate

For each of the following events would affect the euro-per-Canadian dollar equilibrium exchange rate. A. European saves desire to shift funds from euro denominated financial a


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