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- Design Exercise using a Zilog Z8.

- Please read the questions carefully!

Question 1 (Choose a suitable z8)

- Look through data sheets for both the 64k and F0830

- ‘Typically' the processors that have smallest amount of functionality are the cheapest.

- This may not be the case always and is why you need to do a price comparison.

- For Z8 64K series

- Find ordering information page and replace the ‘C' at the end of the part number with ‘G'.

- Go to

- Click ‘BOM tool' and then ‘Create a new BOM'

- Type in part numbers you want to find a price for.

- Compare prices and find the cheapest part!!

- Justify your decision based on price and functionality!

How to submit

- Submit electronically via LMS.

- You can scan, take a photo using your phone etc, then import that into Word.

- Once you have a word document create a PDF and then use that file to upload onto LMS.

Attachment:- Assignment.pdf

Reference no: EM131030375

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