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Find one to two reliable sources that discuss how chlorpyrifos works. This is also known as its mechanism of action. Focus on the enzyme the chlorpyrifos inhibits and its normal role in insect physiology, and what type of inhibitor chlorpyrifos is.

Reference no: EM132280439

Resulting polypeptide of Gene A influences hardness of claws

Suppose we have “GeneA.” The resulting polypeptide of “Gene A”influences the hardness of claws in a species of pocketgopher. These burrowing mammals use their claws to digth

Interested in examining the metabolism

You are interested in examining the metabolism of a new drug that has been developed in your company. How you would determine whether cytochrome P450 is involved in metabolizi

Efforts to preserve biodiversity

Efforts to preserve biodiversity, though intended to reducehuman influence on the environment, might interfere with thenatural process of change and evolution. Do you agree? W

What does bacteria cells have that plant and animal cells

What does bacteria cells have that plant and animal cells don't? What does animal cells have that bacteria and plant cells don't? What do plant cells have that animal and ba

Explain the difference between portal and normal veins

Descible the processes and forces involved in bulk flow at the capillaries. include an explanation of which direction water/plasma at each end of the capillary bed and why?

A lethal mutation occurs in a bacterium

A lethal mutation occurs in a bacterium, rendering it incapable of replicating it's chromosome. Because of this mutation, DNA synthesis produces many short fragments of DNA

What are the forces that drive bilayerformation

Lipid bilayers formed between two aqueous phases have this important property: they form two-dimensional sheets, the edges ofwhich close upon each other and undergo self-sea

Dna just seemed too simple to carry complex

Proteins have more than 20 different monomers, while DNA has only 4; DNA just seemed too simple to carry complex genetic instructions. they hadn't yet found any DNA i


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