Find one example of password protocols in microsoft product

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Find one example of password protocols in Microsoft product and discuss its security or insecurity with your colleagues. If possible, install one of the available cracking tools to see whether you could crack this system and share your experience with your colleague.

Reference no: EM13327478

Star topology network

Explain the main advantages and disadvantages of a STAR topology network. In your own words, described the functional differences between a bridge and a gateway. Give an examp

Explain the role of intelligence in cyber security

explain the role of intelligence and counterintelligence in cyber security. Your explanation should include both the defensive and offensive aspect; policies that support o

Compare and contrast public and in-house cas

Analyze the fundamentals of PKI, and determine the primary ways in which its features and functions could benefit your organization and its information security department.

Assignment on cryptographic systems

The Week 10 Critical Thinking assignment continues with the scenario set up for the Critical Thinking assignment in Week 8. You have been hired as the chief officer of infor

Prepare research paper on defending against virus attacks

Prepare a research paper on Defending against Virus Attacks - You will create a 6 to 8 page research paper. Please include an introduction, body and conclusion. You need to a

The main stream discussion of cybersecurity journals

Cyberwarfare has been in the main stream discussion of cybersecurity journals and conference proceedings for a few years. The Stuxnet attack in the cyberspace has taken many

Describe the acquisition procedures and tools for windows

Determine how an investigator can plan for hardware, software, and / or general failures during data acquisition - Describe the acquisition procedures and tools for Windows an

How many ways can a selection of 6 coloured balls be made

At the local school there are 12 different time periods during which 370 different classes must be scheduled. How many rooms does the school need - In how many different way


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