Find how many parts need to be made each month to break even

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The cost of machinery for a project is $400,000. Expected life of the equipment is 4 years with 10% salvage. Direct labor rate is $30/hr. Production rate is 15parts/hr. Direct Material Cost is $12.37/unit. Parts sell for $22/each. Straight line depreciation with a tax rate of 36%. The company wants to earn an annual nominal rate of 12%(1% per month), compounding monthly. Use an AEC equation to find how many parts need to be made each month to break even. Please show a step by step solution

Reference no: EM131065584

Improve performance on this critical operational metric

Your job as Administrator of Alpine Surgery Center just keeps getting more interesting. After addressing some of the issues with contracting and cost finding, you start to loo

Bonds issued elsewhere often have annual coupon payments

Even though most corporate bonds in the United States make coupon payments semiannually, bonds issued elsewhere often have annual coupon payments. Suppose a German company iss

Annual cash flows-discounted payback period

An investment project costs $10,000 and has annual cash flows of $2,800 for six years. What is the discounted payback period if the discount rate is 0 percent?  What is the di

Bonds on the market making annual payments

Page Enterprises has bonds on the market making annual payments, with twelve years to maturity, and selling for $960. At this price, the bonds yield 6.50 percent. What must th

Use as initial investment in fixed assets when evaluating

Parker & Stone, Inc., is looking at setting up a new manufacturing plant in South Park to produce garden tools. The company bought some land six years ago for $5.5 million in

High tax bracket-concerned about after tax rate of return

Both a wife and her husband work in the airline industry. They are in their 40s and they have a high tax bracket and are concerned about their after tax rate of return. A meet

After-tax cost of debt for a new issue of bonds

The coupon rate on an issue of debt is 8%. The yield to maturity on this issue is 10%. The corporate tax rate is 31%. What would be the approximate after-tax cost of debt for

Historical returns-expected and required rates of return

Historical Returns: Expected and Required Rates of Return You have observed the following returns over time: What is the beta of Stock X? What is the required rate of return o


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