Find how many milliliters of each should be mixed

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A chemist needs 150 milliliters of a 23% solution but has only 12% and 27% solutions available. Find how many milliliters of each should be mixed to get the desired solution.

Reference no: EM13203766

Would the same conclusions be reached

It is sometimes claimed that Fahrenheit degrees are more accurate than Celsius degrees because the measurement unit is smaller. Would the same conclusions be reached if Cels

Should you believe a statistical study

We are bombarded by statistical information from a wide variety of sources. Much of the statistical research performed in the world is conducted with a great deal of integri

Find the amount of water left in the tank

A 1000-gallon tank, initially full of water developed a leak at the bottom. Given that 500 gallons of water leaked in the first 30 mins. that the water detains off a rate pr

How many sofas can be produced if all labor hours

The company has 340 hours of labor available each week and can afford to buy $2250 worth of materials. How many recliners and how many sofas can be produced if all labor hou

How long wll the rabbit run before it catches the turtle

when the turtle started he slept for seven hours before he started the race the rabbit's average rate when he was awake was 5 kn/hr the turtle never stopped for a break but

How many people are in the group

Buying a Cottage A group of friends decides to buy a vacation home for $120,000, sharing the cost equally. If they can nd one more person to join them, each persons contribu

Permutations and orders of elements

Let a be the permutation (1 2 3) in A_4. What is the order of the element (3, 7, a) in the group U(10) direct product Z_42 direct product A_4.

At what rate is the spot moving

A lighthouse is fixed 190 feet from a straight shoreline. A spotlight revolves at a rate of 12 revolutions per minute, (24 rad/min ), shining a spot along the shoreline as i


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