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Part I - Find at least one error in the MATH contained in the my paper entitled An Interfacial and Bulk Charge Transport Model for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Photoanodes Consisting of Core-Shell Nanowire Arrays. This may include additions to equations that just are not needed, incorrect derivations, etc. Once found, derive or state the correct equation. Use both in-line and numbered equations. Grammatical errors and typos in the text will not count!

Part II - Write out in table form in LaTeX: 1) a column for and containing the boundary condition, 2) a column for and containing the physical meaning, 3) a column for and containing a description of why I chose to use that particular boundary conditions, 4) a column for and containing an alternative boundary condition (as an equation) for each case, and 5) a column for and containing what your boundary condition means and why I might have not used it. For example:

Boundary Condition

Physical Meaning

Reason Chosen

Alternative BC

Reason Not Chosen


Meaning 1

Reason 1

Alt BC 1

Why not 1


Meaning 2

Reason 2

Alt BC 2

Why not 2


Meaning 3

Reason 3

Alt BC 3

Why not 3


Meaning 4

Reason 4

Alt BC 4

Why not 4






Part III - Form the entire Final Exam solution in LaTeX. I like the open source compiler TexMaker" and if you need to include references (you shouldn't) I like BibTex. Follow the instructions on Tex Maker's website to load the program. Depending on if things have changed in the last two decades, you make need to install and unwrap the MiKTeX drivers and plug-ins.

There's tons of online help for what commands to use for coding in LaTeX. TexMaker auto fills a lot of stuff if you know where to start and you can also pull simple commands down from the header tabs. Otherwise just google it and you'll find tons of examples.

You all are great students and hopefully will go on to become rock-star professors or at least be publishing your work! Knowing how to write manuscripts and documents in LaTeX is essential!

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