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Find another data set of heights (an inch is 2.54cm) and graph them with your program from the previous exercise. For example, search the web for "height distribution" or "height of people in the United States" and ignore a lot of rubbish or ask your friends for their heights. Ideally, you don't have to change anything for the new data set. Calculating the scaling from the data is a key idea. Reading in labels from input also helps minimize changes when you want to reuse code.

Reference no: EM131395250

Website design effectiveness

Companies use Web analytics to gather data and measure a Website's design effectiveness among its users. Of the two (2) web analytic categories (on-site and off-site), specu

Which is the sort key

Revise the function selectionSort so that it sorts an array of C++ structures according to one int data member, which is the sort key. Repeat this exercise for an array of i

State whether each reference is hit or a miss

Assume a cache has 16 1-word blocks and is initially empty. Placement is by direct mapping. Also, state whether each reference is a hit or a miss.

Compare the present value of economic profit

1. P15(d): Compare the present value of economic profit in each of the next three years and the loss of $50,000 in the third year using 15% as the discount rate.2. The spreads

Analyze during the planning phase of negotiation

Discuss what a salesperson should review and analyze during the planning phase of negotiation? How does a typical salesperson obtain the knowledge needed to become a successfu

Convert the following string to uppercase

-Write two assembly language programs one using regular instructions (not string instructions) and one using string instructions. The program should copy the string in probl

Design a linear-time algorithm to eliminate each vertex v

Note that removing multiple copies of an edge may create a new vertex of degree 2, which has to be removed, and that removing a vertex of degree 2 may create multiple edges,

Describe the risks associated with not fulfilling activities

Describe the risks associated with not fulfilling the activities outlined within your maintenance plan. Indicate specific activities, personnel / resources required, and frequ


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