Find an example of an informal fallacy

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Find an example of an informal fallacy in a newspaper, a magazine, or a weblog. Provide enough of the text and surrounding context so that it is clear why it is an instance of the fallacy. (Please explain in detail why this is an example of the fallacy, and please do not offer answers from lecturer notes or the like..)

Reference no: EM13521657

Concept of an ethical commonwealth

Socrates refers to the idea that we should “know ourselves.” What does this mean? How do we pursue self-knowledge? What does Kant mean by his concept of an "ethical commonweal

Cognitive behavioral and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Using the information in the texts on cognitive behavioral therapy and obsessive-compulsive disorder, what are some of your thoughts about Larry?

How gis currently used to improve practice of epidemiology

What is data mining and how is data mining currently used in epidemiology practice and research - What would be the most effective, efficient, timely, and cost-effective way

Evaluate how the 21 century paradigms described by ragins

Question: Critically evaluate how the 21st century paradigms described by Ragins and Karm in The landscape of mentoring in the 21st century will impact on the qualities mentor

Calculate the commission on sales

I wish to calculate the commission on sales. The commission is 6% on all sales that are at least 20% above cost. The website said I could get an answer quickly for my payment.

Discuss policy as a communicative instrument

Discuss policy as a communicative instrument. Use a specific example of a health policy (e.g., no peanuts in schools) and consider what the policy communicates and how and w

Popular music is pre-digested and thus hears for listener

Adorno claims that all popular music is "pre-digested", and thus "hears for the listener" (Storey p. 67). He believes more generally that the formulaic nature of much popular

Explain ethical implications of social media in healthcare

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that covers the ethical implications of social media in healthcare. Be sure to address email communication, texting, and Facebook and provi


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