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There are many variations on WebQuests. Please make sure you follow these instructions and not those listed in the textbook. Although, reading the texts and learning another variation will only benefit you in the future.

1. Find a good website in which you can use for the exercise. If you want your students to learn more about zoo animals, then maybe you should locate your local zoo website and use it as a source.

Make sure you choose a site that is age appropriate for your students. And please identify which grade and subject level you have chosen in the title.

2. After deciding on a website, create the student instructions for this exercise. Make sure to incorporate aesthetic value (picture). The instructions are very important because you do want your students to be excited about the activity.

3. You will ask the students 10 questions about the site and its information. Be sure the website is clear in its direction and easily navigated so the students can find the information. Create the questions and type them into a Word document with lines for students to use to fill in their answers.

4. After you finish your WebQuest, make sure you include a sheet with the answers to the questions.

5. Save the document as a .doc, .docx, or pdf and submit it via the assignment drop box by clicking on the title of the assignment.

Reference no: EM132184197

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