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Ryan and Allison have 2 children ages 6 and 3. Ryans monthly take home pay is 3600 and Alisons is 4200. They wish to have $120,000 for their kids college fund (60,000 each). 210,000 in mortgage debt and 25,000 in credit card and installment loan debt. They project to get $10,000 in final estate and funeral costs. Both kids qualify for a combined $1800 a month. $75,000 in investments. Decreasing term life policy for $100,000. Ryan has $80,000 group policy at work, Allison has $100,000 group policy. Assume that Ryan's gross annual income is $54,000 and Alison's is $60,000. Their insurance agent has given them a multiple earnings table showing that the earnings multiple to replace 75 percent of their lost earnings is 8.4 for Ryan and 7.2 for Alison. Use this approach to find the amount of life insurance each should have if they want to replace 75 percent of their lost earnings. I would love to know the easiest way to solve this problem or a simple formula that can get me the answer. Thank you so much

Reference no: EM13699868

The wallingford bowling center

Write your case study paper according to APA style guidelines including cover and reference pages. The cover page should contain a running head, page number, and byline. T

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8 years ago, your company issued $10M worth of 10-year semiannual bonds that pay a 10% coupon rate. The bond is currently selling for $1,030 per $1,000 bond. The issuance

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How would you rate 3M Greptile Grip glove on the each the following reasons for success and failure? Please provide your rationale for your assessment 1200-1400 words.

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Discuss the similarities and differences between the CML and SML as models of the risk-return tradeoff. Is one model better than the other when evaluating a well-diversifi

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DQ1 What are possible capital components in the WACC equation? Select two firms in the same industry. Calculate or find the WACC for the two firms. How do the WACCs compar

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A portfolio that has $3,600 invested in Stock A and $4,600 invested in Stock B. If the expected returns on these stocks are 10 percent and 13 percent, respectively, what i

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In a two- to three-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), explain the purpose of a cash flow statement and how it reflects the firm's financial status.

What is the expected return on an equally weighted portfolio

a. What is the expected return on an equally weighted portfolio of these three stocks? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your final answer to 2 decimal pla


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