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FIN102 Assignment, T2 

The Global Financial Crisis is the most significant worldwide economic catastrophe since the Great Depression of 1929; sub-prime mortgage crisis is an example of financial crisis that affected global financial market worldwide. What are other examples of global financial crisis? Discuss

Discuss the possible causes of the financial crisis and explain the scale and impact of financial crisis in America, Australia and your own country. What are some of the proposed reforms? (2000 +- 10% words)

- Introduction (4 or 5 paragraphs )

- About great depression in1929

- Sub- price mortgage (USA)

- Another affected (4)

- Possible causes of the financial crisis and explain the scale and impact of financial crisis in America, Australia and your own country.

- proposed reforms.

- references 


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The study identified the global financial crisis that has been witnessed by the world in the past. In this regard, the study also identified the causes and impact of financial crisis. Notably varieties of factors were ascertained to contribute towards the eruption of financial crisis. Besides, it has been observed that the crisis have enormous economic impact. Besides, the scale and impact of financial crisis on AUS is identified to much greater in comparison to China and Australia.

Reference no: EM131299908

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