Fiedler contingency theory

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Fiedler's contingency theory (Connect, Perform)

1. The following image represents Fiedler's contingency theory. Select the correct labels for the A, B, and C positions in the image and then select the terms that best complete the associated sentence.





Source: Based on Fred E. Fiedler. (1972). "The Effects of Leadership Training and Experience: A Contingency Model Interpretation,". Administrative Science Quarterly17, 455.

2.According to Fiedler's contingency theory of leadership, leader behaviors are ( )   to change, and ( )   leaders perform best in intermediately favorable situations.

Using the preceding model of leadership, select the leader who will be more effective in the following situation.

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Management in Life

The time has come to hire a new coach for your local youth hockey team, the Flying Falcons. The city, having won the district championship last year, is justifiably proud of its youth hockey program. Unfortunately, half of the team members feel that the last coach, Morty McGraw, was too hard on the team, and half of them feel that he was too easy. As a result, everyone is arguing, and most of them are upset and angry with Morty and the league officers. Everyone knows how to play the game, and they all respect the coach, because he's the coach, but now you need a leader that everyone can agree is effective.

3.Whom should you hire?

A.Aaron is an ex-cop with a take-no-prisoners attitude. He wants to win, and he'll make sure that happens by focusing the players' energies on the game, not on their quarrels. He knows that even the best players can benefit from extra training and drills.

B.Carl is a popular local youth leader who played soccer at a semiprofessional level when he was in college. Carl knows everyone in town, and he has a reputation for being low-key and caring.

4.In this situation, it is appropriate to choose a  ( )   leader because the situation is ( )   . Leader-member relations are   ( )  , task structure is  ( )   , and leader position power is  ( ).


Reference no: EM131721068

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