Federal reserve would increase the money supply

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1) Explain the 4 ways the Federal Reserve would increase the money Supply and explain and graph how this would impact interest rates, consumption, investment, AD, GDP, Prices and Unemployment. (Make sure to include both the money and the goods graph).

2) Calculate and graph (both the money and goods graph) what would happen if the Fed. Increased ER = 100 billion and the RRR = .10.

Reference no: EM131165727

Taxes and consumer or producer surplus

Select a news article dated within the previous two months and analyze the issue using the economic concepts and theory learned in this class. Include at least one graph devel

What is the equilibrium price and quantity for sodas

The market for soda has supply and demand curves given by, What is the equilibrium price and quantity for sodas? Returning to question 1, suppose the government put a tax on s

Draw the cost effectiveness frontier

Is there an option that is COMPLETELY DOMINATED? Identify. Compute the ACER for each treatment. Draw the Cost Effectiveness Frontier. Are there dominated strategies after ICER

Outside of the classification of business expenditures

When economists attempt to predict the spending patterns of U.S. households, they will typically view the ____________ as a primary determining factor that influences the indi

Should gina contest the price increase

Gina Picaretto is production manager at the Rich Manufacturing Company. Each year her unit buys up to 100,000 machine parts from Bhagat Incorporated. The contract specifies th

Considering selling several units of homogeneous product

A monopoly is considering selling several units of a homogeneous product as a single package. A typical consumer’s demand for the product is Qd = 100 - 0.25P, and the marginal

Price decrease on the market for gasoline

The price of oil has fallen into the range of $45-$50 dollars per barrel, down from over $90 per barrel just a few years ago. Explain the likely impact of this price decrease

Solve for equilibrium yearly quantity and price of liquor

Assume the annual demand for liquor in Mississippi. The supply of liquor is given by the equation Qs= 30,000P. Solve for the equilibrium annual quantity and price of liquor.


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