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Question 1: The following are all significant barriers to health information exchange, except for which one?

A) Lack of a business case

B) Lack of standards adoption and interoperability

C) Lack of access to infrastructure to support exchange

D) Lack of funding by the government

Question 2: Consumer-facing tools fall into 3 primary categories. Which of the following is NOT one of the primary categories?

A) Tools supporting individual patient education, self-care, and peer support.

B) Tools supporting both the information and transaction needs associated with care delivery.

C) Tools supporting the financial systems and transaction needs associated with billing and reporting.

D) Tools supporting the actual delivery of care

Question 3: Which of the following are features of an EMR?

A) The ability to store notes and review results such as laboratory, radiology, and other testing results

B) Entering, managing, and communicating orders

C) A and B

Question 4: What does "CPOE" stand for?

A) Clinical Physician Order Entry

B) Computerized Practitioner Order Entry

C) Computerized Physician Order Entry

D) None of the above.

Question 5: Which of the following refers to the electronic entry of orders by the ordering practitioner?

A) E-prescribing


C) Electronic Order Entry

D) Lab orders and imaging orders

Question 6: What is a key element of EMR which ensures, at the point of order entry, that patients are not prescribed medication to which they are allergic?

A) Decision support system

B) Pharmacy system

C) Nursing support system

D) None of the above

Question 7: True or False: There are varying views and questions regarding how patients should be involved with their own record.



Reference no: EM13859978

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