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In real property (Dream Home), location is key and it is the key value/price. So, if a new location has to be selected, it may impact the value that makes it more or less beneficial to the buyer. On the other hand, property may also have some unique qualities, such as the position, or resources on the land, or other features. So, is it feasible to just relocate and rebuild?

Reference no: EM131417015

What considerations might we make

What things must we keep in mind when writing an email versus speaking with someone face-to-face? What considerations might we make when writing an email versus a printed do

Contract to provide security services

ABC Company has a contract to provide security services with XYZ Company. During the contract’s time period, most unionized guards go on strike, thereby making it impossible t

Leadership requires understanding of project life cycle

Prepare a paper outlining the PM and portfolio PM operational responsibility and why they communicate project scope and fiscal needs at least monthly. Utilize the budget, e

Find an initial solution using the north-south rule

A firm has four manufacturing plants and four warehouses. It is trying to determine the optimal way to ship from its plants to the warehouses. The plant capacities and warehou

What are the ordering and holding costs

A hotel purchases 18,000 gallons of a cleaning product per year. Each gallon costs $10 and the cost of holding one gallon for a day is estimated to be $0.50. Ordering cost a

Do directors face for a breach of fiduciary duty

What consequences, if any, do directors face for a breach of fiduciary duty? Brown, the president and director of a corporation engaged in owning and operating a chain of mote

Suppose the manufacturer produces at a cost

Suppose the manufacturer produces at a cost of $20/unit. The distributor sells to end customers for $50/unit during season and unsold units are sold for $10/unit after se

Seven spiritual values

The Japanese firm Matsushita has a business philosophy from the strong founder Konosuke. This business philosophy was codified as the "Seven Spiritual Values" of Matsushita


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