Fatty tissue holds the kidneys in place

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Fatty tissue holds the kidneys in place. Extremely rapid weight loss may cause this tissue to shrink so that the kidneys slip from their normal position. On rare occasions, the slippage can put a kink in one or both ureters and block urine flow. Suggest what might then happen to the kidneys.

Reference no: EM132280150

What was the amount of cash paid on accounts payable

If narrow-sense heritability in the rabbit population is 0.7, what is an expected body weight among offspring of selected rabbits. What was the amount of cash paid on accounts

Disposal for conservation biology product

Imagine that you had 1/1000 of the worlds gross domestic product available at your disposal for conservation biology product? Is it a sound conservation decision to protect

Describe the structures and events of sliding filament model

Describe the structures and events of the Sliding Filament Model of muscle cell contraction. What is meant by brain plasticity? Relate this to the anatomy of the brain includ

Briefly explain what antibiotic resistance is

In your initial post, briefly explain what antibiotic resistance is, where it comes from, and why it is an issue. Then propose potential solutions and/or precautions. Be per

Define the main biological influences of psychology

Define neurotransmitters and describe their role in neurotransmission. Discuss how they are released, how they affect receiving neurons, and how they are removed from recept

Existing immune system-developing a new life

You are a research scientist developing a new life form and wanting to create an immune system describe the components of this immune system and how they will offer immunity t

Explain, in general terms, role of rna in gene expression

Explain, in general terms, the role of RNA in gene expression. Why is RNA useful to a cell? What is the benefit of using RNA instead of just directly producing protein from

Arrival of an electrical impulse at neuromuscular junction

A person has MG what would be the expected effect on calcium levels near contractile proteins, following the arrival of an electrical impulse at those neuromuscular junctions.


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