Fast-food chains like mcdonald''s promote customer loyalty

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Fast -food chains like McDonald's promote customer loyalty by offering similar experiences at all their stores. How much do you think McDonald's can let franchise owners in international locations experiment before it hazards losing the consistency it relies on for its competitive advantage?

Reference no: EM13103453

Identify new applications for electronic commerce

1. Describe three factors that would cause a company to continue doing business in traditional ways and avoid electronic commerce. 2. How might managers use SWOT analysis to

Distribution of population is normally distributed

Nancy believes that the average running time of movies is equal to 140 minutes. A sample of 4 movies was taken and the subsequent running times were obtained. Suppose the di

Write a ppaer about sustainable packaging

Write a ppaer about Sustainable Packaging. This paper should be a minimum of 2000 words, and a maximum of 3000 words, excluding title and references (Papers outsides these l

Resulting percentage change in the quantity demanded

(a) If the price of the product falls by 5%, what will be the resulting percentage change in the quantity demanded? Show your work. (b) In question 2, does total revenue ri

Most common form of business ownership in your hometown

What basic steps must be undertaken to organize a corporation in your state?- Discuss and give examples of what you believe is the most common form of business ownership in yo

Explain how the vision of the change was presented

Reflect on an organizational change you experienced. Summarize how the vision of the change was presented to employees and compare and contrast the vision that was presented

Assess the importance of preventing power abuse

Assess the importance of preventing power abuse within health care organizations. Propose two (2) effective negotiation approaches that the leadership within a health care o

Penalties for breach

What type of information would you provide to you company's lawyer in regard to penalties for breach? Should breach terminate the entire contract or could there be monetary


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