Extinct instead of adapting and surviving

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If adaptation improves a species success, why do species go extinct instead of adapting and surviving?

Reference no: EM132280473

Adequate stimulus for receptors in the ear

What do you think is the adequate stimulus for receptors in the ear? Can you think of a stimulus that would inappropriately activate the sensory receptors in the ear if the

What is the coefficient of coincidence

Assume that investigators crossed a strain of flies carrying the dominant eye mutation Lobe on the second chromosome with a strain homozygous for the second chromosome reces

Compare and contrast glycolysis to gluconeogenesis

How are these pathways regulated in cells that contain both pathways? What is the purpose of gluconeogenesis, and what conditionswill promote the gluconeogenic pathway over th

What were the genotypes of the two parental strains

You do a cross between two true-breeding strains of zucchini. One has green fruit, and the other has yellow fruit. The F1 plants are all green, but when these are crossed, t

Some species of anopheles mosquito livein brackish water

Some species of Anopheles mosquito livein brackish water, some in running fresh water, and others instagnant water. What type of reproductive barrier is most obviouslysepara

What is the equilibrium frequency of hawk

What is the equilibrium frequency of Hawk and Dove in terms of V, C, and r? Assuming the actors are genetically related and how is this relevant to the monogamy hypothesis f

Which one has higher chance to produce a normal gamete

There are 2 heterzygotes: one is wild type chromosome/a chromosome with a deletion, the other one is wild type chromosome/a chromosome with inverted sequence. Which one has

What piece of evidence would actually allow us to measure

Magnetic field reversals (as represented in the figure above) have been occurring roughly every 200,000 years. If you were to observe iron crystals embedded in oceanic geolo


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